Partner Projects

Are you interested in a unique team, family or scout building opportunity? Then sponsor one of our projects below. Building a tangible product, a home for a deserving animal, not only helps your team, family or scout group learn practical skills along the way but they also have a chance to actively communicate in a hands-on project. We acknowledge that some of the projects may require a long-term building commitment or multiple groups to complete, but in the end, building together is an experience that touches your soul on a deeper level.

Learn about some of our active projects below and their associated costs. If your group is interested in the financial and potential long-term building commitment, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 24 - 48 hours. We will be adding more projects soon.

Themed Goat Houses

Currently we are wanting to have several themed houses for our goats in the goat yard. Choose your theme - come up with your own or we can help out! Check out the pics below for some ideas.

Dog Building Deck Cover

Indoor/Outdoor Chicken Coop