We found Nellie on the side of the road one day in December.  She was standing next to a basket that had a small dog (Sugar) and four small puppies in it.   At first we assumed Nellie was the daddy.  She was very nervous and put up a really big fight while we were trying to pick them all up and bring them to the rescue, however, she never left the basket.  

When we gave her some space and showed her she was safe, we quickly learned she was not the daddy after all, but that we had rescued our own little modern family (two mommies!)! 

Nellie and Sugar took turns taking care of the babies and eventually it was time to find everyone homes.   We had every intention of adopting out Nellie, and she had several interested families, but then one day we saw her and Sisco (our only small dog) start playing around together.  

We had never thought about the fact that Sisco might be lonely because he has many many dog family members, but he had never had a dog his own size to play with before.   We saw an excitment and energy in him that we had never seen before and decided Nellie was meant to be a permanant member of our rescue family.  Sisco is happier that he has ever been, and Nellie (who we orginally named Nervous Nellie) now runs the show around here!   <3