Available to Adopt

Let me start off by saying.... WE ARE NOT A FOSTER/ADOPT rescue or shelter!! (Read that one more time for clarity!!)

We are a sanctuary for special needs animals that offer healing to special needs children!! Our focus has always been the healing relationship between animals and children who share the same stories. Lots of people get very confused when I have adoptable animals here and start trying to overload my already overloaded heart.

Sometimes, and mostly because a lot of people know my number and I’m a total sucker.... we end up with rescued kittens. Is this a good time to be taking in any animal since we have no extra help (no weekly volunteers), and donations have slowed down to a crawl.... No! Did that stop me.... No! Why...... I don’t know! 🙃


But here they are! 5 sweet kittens!

PayPal- safeinaustin@gmail.com; Venmo- safeinaustin


(Applying does not guarantee placement.)