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I got a call from an amazing woman named Lucy. She was distraught telling me about a two year old dog she loved very much who had spent her whole life outdoors! On top of everything.... she’s missing her front left paw. Lucy was Cara’s savior, she named the dog Cara, meaning beloved in latin.

Lucy’s landlord wouldn’t let her keep her unfortunately, but she risked everything to get her vetted and on her way to healthy before reaching out. She said there was nobody else she could imagine being able to hand Cara over to, and I will cherish her kind words forever. I’ll also cherish Cara forever. Thank you for trusting me with a piece of your heart. I will never take that gift for granted.

Welcome to the family Cara. It’s my absolute honor to get to show you what unconditional love and never giving up feels like. You are going to inspire so much hope and healing. Today is the start of your Happily Ever After.