Intern Application

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Volunteer Group Application

Interested in volunteering at Safe In Austin?

Safe In Austin is a 501(c)3 nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for animals that have been abused, abandoned, or have special needs. We show our rescues a new way of life by sharing their unique stories and educating others about them. 

Safe In Austin Volunteers gain experience working at a nonprofit sanctuary with over 120 animal residents covering over a dozen species, learn valuable skills related to animal health behavior and care, as well as get the chance to bond with so many animals while performing daily duties. 

Your time volunteering at Safe In Austin is valued beyond words, and we thank you for your interest in joining the team! We could not maintain the high standards of care without the help of our interns and volunteers.


● We can offer flexibility with weekly hours and length of the volunteer commitment to accommodate schedules, 
however, applicants must be able to work the following shifts: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
● Openings are available year-round.
● This volunteer work will be performed 100% on-site and transportation is not provided
● Volunteers must be prepared to work in all weather conditions and plan to dress appropriately
● This is an unpaid volunteer work

Duties & Responsibilities

● Clean and refill all waters daily

● Maintain cleanliness of animal pens and water pools

● Stocking hay, straw and wood shavings in the various buildings

● Filling feed bins in all animal areas

● Sweeping the hallways of all the barns and coops

● Assist with mucking barns and coops when needed

● Assist Animal Care staff with preparing food bowls for animals

● Stocking medical supplies in the various buildings

● Apply sunscreen and fly spray to animals that require it

● Cook and distribute eggs to the birds

● Chop, sort and distribute fresh produce to the animals

● Assist with animal restraint for medical procedures

● Shadow Animal Caregivers conducting health checks

General Requirements

● Interest in animal care, veterinary science, animal behavior, nonprofit work

● Commitment to Safe In Austin’s organization goals and mission

● Ability to lift 30 pounds and do general physical work

● Attention to detail & extremely reliable

● Ability to work independently and as part of a team

● Communication skills

● Flexibility and openness to a multitude of tasks

● Willingness to learn new things and get covered in mud