Everyone meet Franklin!


Can I tell you a couple of things about this boy?
1. First of all he’s deaf. He can not hear at all. I’m talking to him like he can hear me (and that will never change) but his world is completely silent.

2. He is blind in one eye. He only has vision in his right eye and can’t hear you at all so getting his attention takes some effort!

3. He has Cerebral Palsy. CP effects both humans and dog in different ways. Franklins seems to be more neurological. The good news is he has no fear or aggression. At all. It’s as if the fight or flight part of his brain isn’t even there. He’s cool with whatever and just does some circles if he’s ready to move on. Physically he is doing well and gets around, but for the most part he circles to the right. That’s his jam! Doing circles. To the right! 

4. He has been diagnosed with doggie Autism. From what I’m seeing it is based on his sensory issues (though he is deaf and partially blind) and repetitive behavior! For example, he is easily over stimulated by touch and not a big snuggler. He does not like being picked up off the ground at all. He will wiggle and freak out but the second you put him down he’s fine. He barks for two minutes exactly at his water before he takes a drink. He really likes his specific blanket in his specific kennel and will spend most of his day feeling secure there. His water and food have to be in the same order or he won’t touch them.

He is a fascinating, special, hilarious, precious little special needs baby that obviously the very second I heard he needed a forever home had my entire heart.

We have lots of bonding to do, puzzles to solve, breakthroughs to make, and hearts to heal. Can you already see the lives he will change? I can hardly stand it.

Welcome to the family my love!