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We got Georgia at 8 weeks from what appeared to be a meth lab in a trailer park. The people there were breeding puppies to make extra money. When we got her, she was so covered in fleas, poop, and mud that you could barely tell she was a white bulldog mix. David happens to be a Georgia Bulldogs fan because he went to law school at UGA, and he had never had a bulldog as a pet before. Because we don't believe in "shopping" for pure-breed dogs, and we just happened to
rescue a bulldog mix, we figured it was the universe's way of giving him a bulldog of his very own.

Georgia is one of the children’s favorites. We call her our Mirror dog. Georgia is amazing at showing our kids that come to us with ADHD and similar behaviors, that if they act crazy and wild running around then so will she. If they are calm and quiet, she will mirror that behavior and also be calm and quiet. She teaches them it is okay to take a moment to be calm, to stop and listen, and best of all that they are loved by her.

She and Maisy are the best of friends and run around the Ranch all day long!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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