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Mabel and Louie

While we don’t know their story prior to arriving here, we suspect she and Meg experienced some rough times. Back in May, we received a link to a horse auction site where both of these girls were featured, and not in a good way. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any interest and they were both pregnant. When horses don’t get picked from auction, they are shipped out of the country to slaughter. We knew we wanted to give Meg, Mabel, and their unborn babies a chance to stay together and live happily, and with only hours to spare, we were able to bring all four home to us. 


Both girls arrived nervous and not in the greatest of shape. They were dehydrated, had scars and matting, broken hooves, and very hungry. The auction site said Mabel was only days away from giving birth but after her visit with the veterinarian, she was still 1-2 months away. In that time, Mabel was able to become familiar with her new surroundings and build trust in knowing she is safe!  


Mabel gave birth to magnificent Prince Louie, and now Mabel and her Louie are going to live happily ever after providing hope and strength to all those who come to visit.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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