Reboot at the Rescue!

Once a month we bring four different groups of students to get messy, snuggle some animals, volunteer their time and learn some of the valuable lessons our animals can teach. From celebrating differences to exploring how to turn chaos into beauty, we take a different animal story each month and turn it into a lesson applicable to life outside of our gates. We invite you into this safe place as a chance to take a deep breathe, reboot your mindset and return to the world with a fresh reminder of the things that are important.

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Upper Elementary

Each Upper Elementary night we will be learning a different lesson that our animals here at the rescue can teach us. Come help feed then work on a project while rebooting in a safe place.


Middle School

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Tree Planting

High School

All high schoolers are welcome to join us at the rescue to reboot for an evening. We have a project that everyone can be involved in and a lesson about one of our animals. Just take some time to reboot in a safe place.

Tree Planting

All Ages & Abilities

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To register as a volunteer, please click the button below 'Volunteer Registration'. All volunteers must register AND submit the one-time $25 registration payment in order to become a volunteer with our organization. The one-time $25 registration fee covers the cost of your volunteer t-shirt along with your mandatory orientation class. This fee must be paid upon registering as a volunteer.

*Please Note: While volunteers under 15 must be accompanied by an adult volunteer at all times, we ask that you submit a registration form and a $25 fee for each individual. Each individual must attend both Orientation and the follow-up training session.


* What does becoming a volunteer at Safe In Austin mean?

Safe In Austin has 150+ rescues to take care of on a daily basis and we are always in search of regular ongoing volunteers to aid us in upholding the quality of care needed every day. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Volunteers are welcome to form a relationship with the animals as they become familiar with our ever-changing routines.


*Does Safe In Austin host group Volunteer sessions for 10+ people?

Many hands make for light work! With so much to get done on the property, we are grateful for our large groups of volunteers. We would love to accommodate a project for your next group outing!

* Can my children volunteer?

Children are welcome to volunteer with a parent or guardian that is 21+ years of age. We ask that Children accompany their adult volunteers at all times to ensure their safety. Here at the Rescue Ranch, we ask all of our guests to practice walking feet and gentle voices around the animals.

* What should we wear or bring with us?

We suggest weather appropriate clothing that you won't mind getting a little muddy. Closed-toe shoes are a must! Don't forget to bring some water along to drink! Work gloves are recommended and be prepared to get dirty!!

* Can we come volunteer to just pet the animals?

Our volunteer program are for those who can dedicate time to habitat cleaning, animal feeding, along with other maintenance projects on some frequent basis. We offer private tours for those wanting to spend one on one time with the animals.

* Can I volunteer company services?

There are always larger than life projects that can not be completed by the gracious help of our generous volunteers, so we always Rescue Ranch Service Partners!

To start a conversation with Safe In Austin please email, info@safeinaustin.org.