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1st Annual Fall Fest Sponsorships

Thanks so much for reaching out!! I’m still trying to figure out how this would all work, but we are expecting large numbers for our October public days, so this is what we have brainstormed about! Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas!

So, our public days have grown tremendously and during special events or holidays we see hundreds of visitors easily!

During our 5 public days in October (1 each weekend and one Homeschool day during the week) we are planning some extra fall fun on top of all the rescue snuggles that we are now known for. We are looking for sponsors for the different areas. These sponsorships are inexpensive and simple. Just ways for us to save money on decorations and one time use items since our budget is very tight and desperately needed for the animals. By “sponsoring” an area you are helping to purchase the items and then either setting it up yourselves or we are happy to put it all together. We will have volunteers running each area during every event, so you are not required to be there. We do hope you would include some sort of sign, banner, or handouts in your area so all our visitors will see who was so generous towards our organization and we will of course give several social media shoutouts!

Here is the list of things we are hoping to put together:

-Tractor Photo opp- our old red tractor that looks out over the hill country is a popular photo opportunity for visiting families! We are hoping for some straw bales to add more seating in front of it, and some fall decorations in and around it! (Estimate- $100-$150)

Stone wall/couch photo opp- this is another popular photo location that has a stone backdrop and a large outdoor couch for the whole family to sit on. We have new green cushions but are hoping for some themed pillows maybe and some decorations to go in and around the couch and the little metal pig and goat statues that are on either side of it! (Estimate $100)

Pumpkin slime table- we know how much fun slime is these days and thought we would set up a pumpkin slime area for the kids to have fun playing with and getting a little messy. For this we just need several pumpkins and the rest of the ingredients for slime! (Estimate $50)

(We currently only have one finished picnic table. We do have three other large pallets to build picnic tables with but haven’t had the time or lumber to do it. In order to get the extra table space, we considered getting some cinder blacks to use as legs!)

Hayride- during our public days we like to have everyone park in the parking lot at the bottom and then ride the hayride together up the hill. This gives Jamie an opportunity to speak with each group that comes up and share our mission and the rules of being around our rescue animals before they start walking around! Everyone loves a hayride!! For this we need hay bales obviously, some material to go over the top of them (to make them more comfortable to sit on), maybe some decorations for the trailer, and of course a trailer. Safe in Austin doesn’t have its own trailer yet (it’s on the list!). We rent one every time for $30. (Estimate- $200-$250)

Animal scavenger hunt- we were brainstorming ideas about how we can make sure all the animals were visited and had the opportunity to teach and share their love and stories to all our visitors. We thought about maybe a punch card that gets stamped at each animal area after they hear the stories and learn about their new friends, and then a table where they can take the cards to and receive some sort of prize or keepsake! Still brainstorming this one and inviting any ideas!

Yard games- Halloween or animal themed bean bag toss, build a scarecrow, ring toss, ladder ball.... classic Yard games that kids enjoy doing during special events!

Maze- we saw a cool idea on how to build a quick and inexpensive maze for kids out of t-posts and caution tape. We also have the woods on the left side of the driveway that, with a little trimming, might work for making a caution tape maze! A big roll of caution tape is less than $10! But everyone loves a good maze at Halloween events!

Decorations- there is opportunity to put out decorations all over the rescue. (The dog house, the special needs building, the pig yard, the rabitat, the chicken yard, the porch, the goat yard....) Its just not in our budget to purchase holiday decorations! Things like signs, pumpkins, floral arrangements, lights and fun inflatables could be used almost anywhere!!

This is very informal and everything is open for discussion and change! We would just like to partner up with some of our supporters to create a wonderful fall family event that helps us continue to spread awareness about our mission of “saving lives and healing hearts”!❤️

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