Our new Mega E baby!!!

This sweet boy was from the Lampasas Animal Shelter. Since they were are not able to care for a Mega E dog and in honor of our precious Bella, we could not say no!

His name is Texas, he’s three years old, and besides the fact that he needs to eat in his Bailey Chair, he is perfectly healthy!! 

He’s a 42 pound lab/border collie mix, heartworm negative, and up on all his shots. He’s been in two different shelters in the last few months because people don’t understand what mega esophagus is and don’t want to take the time to learn.


This is not a death sentence. This boy can lead a completely normal life for the next 10-15 years, he just needs to eat his food in a special chair and he will be here with us.... safe and loved! 

Special thank you to Texas's heroes:


I'm sponsoring Texas because my son had a great time at one of your open house weekends, and we both wanted to help support the wonderful work you are doing for these animals and the kids who visit them.


I saw Texas’s story and immediately fell in love with the guy.   We have 2 rescues of our own, and they’re the best!  I love that Safe in Austin is able to do their work and continue to help society at the same time!