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We welcomed Tulip to the rescue when she was about five months old! She joined our crew during one of our busiest pigs and pancakes events yet, and was evident from the very beginning that she was going to fit right in!

Tulip was born to a family that loved her very much and when an injury damaged her spinal cord in the first days of her life they did everything they could. She came to us with a wheelchair from Walking Pets, has already had surgery to amputate her back legs that were causing pain, and knows how to get around like a champ.

Life doesn’t make taking care of wheelchair animals easy and with some big changes coming up for her original family they found us. It was a dream from the very beginning that Tulip would get to be with friends with other special needs animals and spend her days with kids with super powers!

What an honor it is to say Little Tulip…… that dream has officially come true for her!


Welcome to the family little one!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

Tulip Sponsor_edited.jpg


Hi, My name is Jonathan and I wandered onto instagram during a time where I never use instagram and I saw your call for help about the amazon wishlist! I was eager to do something and help in any way I could so I saw that sponsoring an animal was an option. I thought this was a great option for me to passively help even with the small amount that I am able to give. I chose Tulip because I thought that goats and other "exotics" aside from cats and dogs might have a harder time to find sponsors (As much as I love my cat and dog family) so I scrolled through all of them seeing so many cute goats but Tulips name just caught my eye. Also, in the photo I saw that she is a beautiful warm and light color, and her name is that of my favorite flower! So I chose her to sponsor and I hope that my small contribution at this point can help do something for her and for you guys to keep your vision going!

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