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With Love

"Zachary is 19 years old and has autism and sensory processing disorder and a few other issues. He tolerates his service dog and the other three dogs in the home. We make him do activities that will require him to be exposed to animals and interact with them. Usually, he does a quick little touch with his finger tips and has to wipe his hands off. This was our first visit here and it went so much better than I could have ever expected.


Zachary not only pet one of the dogs, he actually fed some watermelon to Peter Pig but, would pet his back with an open palm. He also pet a chicken. The biggest accomplishment, shock and surprise was when we told him to sit next to Peter so we could take his picture. Instead, Zachary bent down and kissed Peter!! He did this entirely on his own with no prompts!! You have to understand that this is a kid that hates anything touching him or even brushing against him. Today's visit had him petting the animals and interacting with them WITHOUT any coaxing from us! We will definitely be making more visits here."


Man, I love that pig!!


❤🐷 #peterporker


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