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By Teaching

Learning to Listen!


Everyone meet my sweet, eight year old, chicken loving friend! Girlfriend is madly in love with the chickens. She thinks they are the sweetest animals ever and she wants all of them to be her friend.  "Miss E" has ADD, and has a hard time being still for long. She told me she is not very good at listening and so that makes school really hard. I reminded her that being a good listener and sitting still can be hard for all of us, and that they are things that all of us need to practice to get good at.  She was getting very frustrated in the chicken yard running after chickens, yelling "I just want to touch you" while they all ran away from her! So, when I asked her if she would like to practice being quiet and listening with her friends the chickens; she was so excited!!  After this quick little session we were walking back to the house and she was so excited to tell her mom and dad about how she got to touch and pet so many of her new friends! She then looked up at me and said, " Do you think we could practice being calm and listening with the chickens again after dinner? They really taught me a lot today!"







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