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Caring Child

Healing Hearts Program

Safe in Austin’s mission is all about saving animals that come from abuse, neglect,

or who have some sort of special needs,

and introducing them to children that share the same kind of stories!

Our nonprofit was inspired by the healing relationship between our son Jackson and his service dog Angel.

Their miraculous relationship showed us the magic that is possible between animals and children,

especially extra needs animals and children, and the healing power of unconditional friendship.


Safe in Austin provides a safe space to animals and people who suffer from abuse or neglect

because everyone deserves to experience unconditional love.

Each Healing Hearts Tour is a private guided experience through the Rescue Ranch,

offering inclusion, compassion, and animal love magic.



If your family has a superstar who has extra needs and

is in need of a healing space to relax and meet some rescue animals, you've come to the right place!

It was put on our hearts from the very beginning that everyone in need of healing & friendship deserves it,

and love doesn't cost a thing!

We always appreciate any and all donations to help us care for the animals, 

but everyone deserves love regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

Healing Hearts Tours are always free of charge.


If you'd like to set up your next Healing Hearts Tour,

please contact us and include HEALING HEARTS TOUR in the subject.

We are soo happy to hear from our healing hearts friends! We will be in contact soon!

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