Thank you for considering volunteering with Safe in Austin. We are a non-profit dedicated to the well-being and safety of abused and neglected animals; and the healing of children with similar stories of abuse, trauma, or special needs. 


We can always use volunteers.   Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Some important facts to ensure that your experience is rewarding: 

  • All volunteers should be animal lovers!

  • When volunteering please wear closed toed shoes (tennis shoes are fine) and long pants are preferred, but not required. For your safety, no flip-flops or open-toed shoes are allowed. 

  • We suggest you bring a change of clothes, waterproof boots or shoes in case of rain, mud, or poop while volunteering!

  • A waiver must be signed by all volunteers.

  • Anyone can be prohibited from volunteering if they do not exhibit safe practices.  


If you are under 16, or plan on volunteering with your children, please be sure to review our Under 18 Policy which welcomes children and keeps them safe while at the Ranch.

Every Monday is an All Ages and All Abilities day! Come on out from 9-12 to help feed, clean, and complete projects.

To become a regular volunteer, you will need to complete 3 orientations. To sign-up for orientations, click the button below to be directed to our Volunteer Facebook page (Safe in Austin Volunteers.  You must have a valid Facebook account to register as we currently only use Facebook to coordinate our volunteers. If you have any questions, please email volunteers@safeinaustin.org

Please take a moment to fill out the liability forms. These forms will be required upon arrival on the Safe in Austin Ranch. Please read through the form and fill out the required information. Any minors who will be volunteering without their 

parent/guardian or will be traveling with a school/organization are required to complete the minor liability form.

While ideas on how you can help are limitless, here are some ideas to consider:

Socialization and love are both incredibly important for all our animals, especially the new ones that are learning to forgive and trust!  

Training is also important for everyone here, and we are happy to teach anyone interested in learning how to work with any of our animals. 

Animal Care

We have morning and evening feedings. Morning feeding and clean-up takes about 3 hours each day!

Facilities Maintenance

We need help keeping our facilities clean, safe, and operational. Volunteers on this team must be willing to pick up and clean up after animals. We are especially looking for experienced veterinarian technicians, contractors, handy-persons or landscapers; but anyone is welcome that is willing to help! If you have building or handyman skills - we've got a project for you!


Grant Writing

Are you familiar with researching and writing grant proposals? We need you! Reach out to info@safeinaustin.org.

If you have any additional volunteering questions, please  e-mail us at volunteers@safeinaustin.org.  We appreciate your interest. Thank you for becoming a part of the Safe in Austin rescue team and helping us save more lives and heal more hearts.  We look forward to having you!!