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Helping Hands


There is so much that goes into keeping a sanctuary up and running!


Without the help of our volunteers, our mission wouldn't be possible.

We rely heavily on volunteers to work alongside our staff every day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Volunteers are essential to providing animals the best life possible while they are with us. 


* What does becoming a volunteer at Safe In Austin mean?

Safe In Austin has 150+ rescues to take care of on a daily basis and we are always in search of regular ongoing volunteers to aid us in upholding the quality of care needed every day.

As every animal here has a special diet or need, training can be extensive, so we ask for a weekly/bi-weekly commitment from our volunteers.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Volunteers are welcome to form a relationship with the animals as they become familiar with our ever-changing routines.

This is an unpaid volunteer work.

If you can not commit to weekly/bi-weekly we will host random volunteer days when we are able too. You will be able to see these days on our social media pages when available.

* What should we wear or bring with us?

We suggest weather appropriate clothing that you won't mind getting a little muddy. Closed-toe shoes are a must! Don't forget to bring some water along to drink! Work gloves are recommended and be prepared to get dirty!!

* What hours are available to Volunteer?

We can offer flexibility with weekly hours and length of the volunteer commitment to accommodate schedules, 
however, applicants must be able to work the following shifts: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Openings are available year-round.


* What duties might I preform as a Volunteer?

● Clean and refill all waters daily

● Maintain cleanliness of animal pens and water pools

● Stocking hay, straw and wood shavings in the various buildings

● Filling feed bins in all animal areas

● Sweeping the hallways of all the barns and coops

● Assist with mucking barns and coops when needed

● Assist Animal Care staff with preparing food bowls for animals

● Stocking medical supplies in the various buildings

● Apply sunscreen and fly spray to animals that require it

● Cook and distribute eggs to the birds

● Chop, sort and distribute fresh produce to the animals

● Assist with animal restraint for medical procedures

● Shadow Animal Caregivers conducting health checks

* Do you provide transportation?
This volunteer work will be performed 100% on-site and transportation is not provided


* Do you close for weather?
Volunteers must be prepared to work in all weather conditions and plan to dress appropriately.

Should weather conditions exceed our capacity to safely accommodate Volunteers, notifications are sent.

*Does Safe In Austin host group Volunteer sessions for 10+ people?

Many hands make for light work! With so much to get done on the property, we are grateful for our large groups of volunteers. We would love to accommodate a project for your next group outing!

* Can my children volunteer?

Children 8+ are welcome to volunteer with a parent or guardian that is 21+ years of age. We ask that Children accompany their adult volunteers at all times to ensure their safety. Here at the Rescue Ranch, we ask all of our guests to practice walking feet and gentle voices around the animals.

* Can we come volunteer to just pet the animals?

Our volunteer program are for those who can dedicate time to habitat cleaning, animal feeding, along with other maintenance projects on some frequent basis. We offer private tours for those wanting to spend one on one time with the animals.

* Can I volunteer company services?

There are always larger than life projects that can not be completed by the gracious help of our generous volunteers, so we always Rescue Ranch Service Partners!

To start a conversation with Safe In Austin please email,


Register as a Volunteer with Safe In Austin below


Individual Volunteers accepts ages 8+ with accompanying 21+ adult at all time

Group Volunteers accepts large group projects from ages 8+ with an parent present

Individual Volunteers

Once you have completed our Volunteer Orientation, you’ll be able to begin signing up for various volunteer shifts.

Volunteers must be 16 years of age to be here independently. Volunteers under 15 years old must be accompanied by a registered and trained adult (21+) volunteer at all times. 

Group Volunteers

We allow large groups of people to volunteer together. These groups need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. All participants must be at least 8 years of age with a parent present. Projects that involve landscaping, organizing, and maintenance are great examples of what group volunteers can accomplish.

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