Thank You for your interested in volunteering at Safe In Austin!

Without the help of our volunteers, our mission wouldn't be possible!


Everything at Safe in Austin is a work in progress that requires kindness, imagination, patience, and a love for extra needs animals and children.

We have over 150 special needs animals at the rescue are always in need of additional help!

We are always in search of regular weekly/bi-weekly volunteers that can form a relationship with the animals and become familiar with our changing routines.



With so much get done on the property, we are grateful for large groups of volunteers! Many hands make light work and we'd love to accommodate a project for your volunteer group.



Should you have any expertise in Veterinary Care, Landscaping, Construction, Grant Writing, or anything other amazing skills to lend, we'd love to know! 

Frequently Asked Questions

* Can my children volunteer?

Children are welcome to volunteer with a parent but for their safety must stay with you at all times. We ask that they practice quiet feet (no running) and quiet voices around the animals.

* What should we wear or bring with us?

Closed-toe shoes are a must!! Appropriate clothing for the weather, work gloves are recommended, water to drink. Be prepared to get dirty!!

* Can we come volunteer to just pet the animals?

We offer private tours for those wanting to spend one on one time with the animals.

Waiver Forms

Please take a moment to fill out the liability forms. These forms will be required upon arrival on the Safe in Austin Ranch. Please read through the form and fill out the required information. Any minors who will be volunteering without their 

parent/guardian or will be traveling with a school/organization are required to complete the minor liability form.