About Safe in Austin

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Who Are We

Here at Safe in Austin we rescue animals from severe abuse or neglect, rehabilitate and rehome the ones that are able, and offer a safe and loving forever home for the rest.   Once they are healthy enough and we have earned their trust; we introduce our rescues to children that come from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and/or special needs.  Our animals provide healing to trauma, at-risk, and/or special needs children by way of unconditional friendship and a clear, loving, example of what they are looking for most… hope.  

Our Story

“You never soar so high as when you stoop down to help a child or an animal.”

Our story starts with a dog appropriately named “Angel”. She's our son’s Autism Service dog and she changed our entire world. 

We have always loved animals, but when Angel joined our family it became insanely clear how the love of an animal can be literally, miraculous! 

Angel gave my son confidence and strength beyond anything I was capable of doing as his mother. She provided protection from his fears, understanding of his thoughts, and power over his disabilities.

Their amazing relationship isn’t everyone’s story, but it’s definitely the beginning of ours. We will never be able to repay her for helping shape my baby into the high functioning boy he is today, but we are going to try…..one life at a time.

Our goal here at Safe in Austin is to rescue animals from abuse and neglect. Rehabilitate and rehome the ones that are able, and provide a loving environment for those that have been through enough already. Then we invite hearts that need some healing to come meet the animals, hear their stories, hug their necks, pet their bellies, and find connection in a relationship that is without judgment or fear.

Our rescues are grateful and happy, and they all have a story to tell. Kids and young adults that come from trauma can relate to the past of these animals and find hope in the future for both of them. At risk youth see an example of forgiveness and connection they have never felt before and slowly their hearts start to soften! Special needs children find comfort and encouragement when learning about the special needs of many of our animals and learning how we all belong to each other no matter our differences. 

In 2014 we bought an old broken down, over grown, hoarded ranch in Leander, and have slowly been renovating from the ground up. We have a LONG way to go, we have no money left, and we have never been happier! 

Healing can be hard and scary, but animals can show us the way! We know that not everyone can afford expensive therapy sessions and high priced programs. Our goal is to offer a place of healing and happiness that is available to everyone. Visits and events are affordable, fun, worry free, and are guaranteed to touch your heart! Safe in Austin is a judgment free zone! Autism has taught us that nothing is black and white, and everyone has a story. We just want you to meet our babies, take some of their love, and share it with others!

We know there is a magic that comes with snuggling up with our 250 pound potbelly Peter (who was once thrown away and left for dead), or playing with our fun goat family Sapphire, Curly, and Ruby (Sapphire was rescued from an animal hoarding situation, bred with a goat three times her size, and I slept on the porch for two weeks with her in order to be there for the extremely traumatic birth of her really big triplets)! We want you to meet Spotty who was homeless for four years (we spent four days in the streets with her, and then three nights in a strangers garage that we trapped her in after she had a litter of puppies. On day three she finally trusted me enough to let me touch her and bring her and the puppies back to the ranch!). Or Duchess, our sweet momma who was rescued from a dog fighting ring where she was used as a breeder dog. She was bred over and over again in a cage smaller than her, hidden under a tarp. She is momma to anything she is around and has in her four years with us tried really hard to nurse all different kinds of puppies, kittens, ducklings, chicks, bunnies, and even a tortoise! 

We have sweet Silkie Chickens that like to cuddle, an abandoned bunny that will eat from your hand, a slow calm tortoise that reminds all of us to SLOW DOWN and smell (or eat) the roses! 

Our little piggy Wilbur shares a beautiful adoption story of having a mother that loved him very much but knew she couldn't provide the kind of life he deserved and brought him here to the rescue ranch to be free and loved. We have dogs that have been abused beyond your wildest imagination, but are an example of total forgiveness and trust. We have giant pigs that were saved from the slaughter truck, and love nothing more than to roll over for belly rubs or snout kisses! And we always have precious baby goats running around waiting for a hug! 

Safe in Austin is very much a work in progress.... but who isn't right?! We are working on new and exciting things, and can’t wait to see what the future holds! We appreciate so much you following this crazy journey with us and hope to see you out for a visit soon!

Our goal on social media is to simply brighten your day with pictures and stories of spoiled animals that will never again be afraid, and the difference they make on the hearts of people that come to visit them! 

“Saving one animal with not change the world, but for that one animal, the world will change forever!”"

- Jamie Wallace-GrinerFounder