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We do not have regular business hours as this is our home as well.
Email us below to schedule a tour, or check out our visit us page for more information. 

Do you have an animal that you are trying to rehome?



Safe in Austin is not a shelter but a sanctuary for all species that come from abuse, neglect or have special needs. Most of our animals will live the rest of their live with us here, helping children that also have a background of abuse, neglect or have a special need. As they will be working with children we can not take any animal that show aggression towards other animals or people.


If you have an animal with special needs, please email us at with pictures and any medical records you have. We will then present to the board for approval if we have any spots available at that time.


If you have an animal that needs a new home, here are some recommendations of where you can post about their stories. 


Texas Special needs Pets


 Nextdoor app


Feral Animals that will need to be trapped.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Safe In Austin. We will be in contact soon!

14601 Honeycomb Dr
Leander, TX 78641
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