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The Ducks

Donald, Daisy, Donna, and Debbie are domesticated Mallard ducks we found at Tractor Supply.   So many people see these tiny sweet little ducklings and chicks at Easter time and take them home like they are some sort of toy.    It typically doesn’t end well for the babies, so we were happy to bring these four to the rescue ranch!   They are a cute little family always waddling around in a straight line.   They are also little trouble makers that have discovered our swimming pool and like to spend a little too much time in it causing it to go green periodically!  Of all three of Donald’s girlfriends, Debbie is the momma of the group.   She is the one that has to stay home at the nest and take care of the babies, while Donald, Donna, and Daisy have all the fun.   That’s why we always make sure to give Debbie the extra meal worms in the morning! ;)

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