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Welcome to

Safe In Austin

A judgement free space for children and animals that come from abuse or have special needs to visit and feel Safe!

Our animals partners provide healing and hope to trauma, at-risk, and/or special needs children, by sharing kindness and unconditional love.


Safe in Austin's story began with a Great Pyrenees appropriately named, "Angel". 

It wasn't until a discounted service dog Angel joined our family, that we would see just how magically an animal could transform lives. She completely changed my sons life and inspired us to start

Safe in Austin.

Safe in Austin provides a loving home to our animal partners who come from abuse, neglect or have special needs and invites children from the same backgrounds to connect with the animals because everyone deserves to experience unconditional love and healing.

 Our mission is “Rescue animals, Rescuing children!


What we do here is important, and it’s also unique.   We want to be a beacon of kindness.   We want to prove to so many animals and people that have been hurt or lost in a broken system that unconditional love does actually exist, and we are willing to share it with them.  When we hear from people that say “I don’t have any money, but my child is hurting, and I think we could benefit from your place” my immediate response is “Love doesn’t cost a thing and we can’t wait to meet you!”

Unfortunately, while love doesn’t cost a thing….. everything else does.

These are just a few of the ways our animal partners have helped!

-A child that spent the first decade of their life surviving horrible abuse and neglect only to end up in foster care and starting all over again with a new family finds an understanding friend in our Macaw Pebo who is also afraid of people because of his ten years in a drug house. He too understands what it feels like to be somewhere that wasn’t safe and having to learn to love and trust a new family. 

-A boy with autism whose heightened senses have kept him from experiencing many things, not only touches, but kisses Peter the rescue pig on the head shocking everyone who loves him! Peter was once considered trash because he was a sick piglet that couldn’t be sold.  Now he spends his days being our best secret keeper to anyone that needs to lay on his belly and share their heart!

-A child with a history of horrific abuse who picks up one of the abandoned, orphaned, rescued puppies and tells him he knows it will be okay because he also has cigarette burns on his body.  The moment of understanding and healing that happened when this young survivor became the caretaker instead of the one needing to be cared for.

 -The young girl that comes to the rescue hiding her limb deformity because she is so use to trying to prevent people from staring or asking questions she doesn’t want to answer finds out that there are many “lucky fin” friends here at the rescue and just like her, they are beautiful and perfect exactly as they are! There is something amazing watching a child with a limb difference snuggle our cuddly rescue turkey Priscilla after they see her lucky hand!

-The young woman who was sex trafficked her entire life by her parents who meet Duchess and immediately breaks down.  Duchess was a dog fighting breeder dog who was trapped in a cage hidden under a tarp getting bred over and over again for a dog fighting ring understanding the feeling of being used for profit by the people who were supposed to keep you safe. Together offering each other hope and companionship they haven’t found anywhere else.

-A blind child that finds comfort and understanding while grooming and loving on the blind pony that is “just like her.  Hantzel lost his sight from decades of neglect as a pony ride pony, but is now so loved and cared for by his visiting friends.

-The child whose legs have never worked right because of Cerebral Palsy experiences instant joy when he meets a dog who has a wheelchair just like him.

- The domestic violence survivor that finds an instant connection in our mare Meg who was on the slaughter truck pregnant headed to Mexico when we saved her, but unfortunately lost the pregnancy before she got to the rescue.

- The mother and son that comes to visit Patchula and Champion her miracle, quadriplegic calf with a broken spine.   Champion is a medical marvel to every veterinarian that has met and heard about him, but to the mother of a quadriplegic child he, and his amazing relationship with his mother, is something altogether comforting and familiar and filled to the brim with so much hope.   Champion’s life, just like her child’s, is worthy.  Worthy of love.  Worthy of a chance.  Worthy of unconditional love and a chance to change the world.

This is the magic. These are the miracles. This is how rescue animals rescue children.

This is what we are all about.  



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