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Luca 4.jpg

The one on the right (Luca) came from the one on the left (Delilah)! It shocks the heck out of everyone!

The kids talked me into keeping Luca instead of adopting him out with the rest of Delilah’s liter (cause I’m a big sucker!). Now Luca is the fluffy little stinker that should be a regularly groomed house dog, but insists he’s a big tough ranch dog like his best friends Texas and Gabe!

We were fairly sure Delilah would be hard to adopt out because she was so very afraid. She was found with her puppies in a junk yard and wanted nothing to do with people!

Nothing at all.

It was obviously meant to be that she would stay with us forever because the second picture shows how she spends most of her time now! This was at yesterday’s healing Heart visit and Delilah knew exactly where she was needed as we earned our new special friends trust with unconditional love and friendship!


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