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Are you interested in a unique team, family or scout building opportunity? Then sponsor one of our projects below.


Building a tangible product, a home for a deserving animal, not only helps your team, family or scout group learn practical skills along the way but they also have a chance to actively communicate in a hands-on project.

If you or your group are interested in one of our projects, please email us at


Our big boys in the cow yard currently do not have a shelter from inclement weather!

Recently we moved Champion & Patchula into the pole barn to be close to herd, but there isn't enough room for them all.

We have room to build another sturdy shelter for 3 grown cows with enough room for Hershal's horns!


We greatly underestimated the amount of space needed inside their building for colder weather!

We will also need to move the face of their building forward to the next supports.


Goat houses- we have several boy scouts saying they are building houses right now that would be better for the goats to hunker down in bad weather than the dog igloos and one building we have for them now.   Our goal is to have a little village of quality houses for the goats to go into when needed and kids to explore in when visiting! 


We have electrical and plumbing needs throughout the entire property including the new barn, the pool, and places we desperately need better wifi/cell signal and cameras. The office needs better lights, the stalls need lights, the kitchen storage needs lights, the tack room needs lights. 


We need a better place to put hay storage then the plastic storage containers at the back of the barn.  If we could get a big enough space that is easily accessible then we could order 100 bales at a time and save a lot of money at $8 a bale instead of the $12 a bale we pay when buying 30 bales a week.


Stall mats- We need to get custom stall mats ordered for all our stall since they are a strange size and shape and do not have drains in them.   It's especially important for our fragile special needs babies with sore and ailing bodies that will spend a good amount of time staying safe and warm in their stalls.


Barn runs- the outdoor runs of the stall all need crushed granite flooring to help with drainage and staying clean, and we need to order several more gates and panels to finish off the areas where animals need to be contained or given more space to stretch their legs. 


Laundry- right now we have a washer and dryer in a make shift outdoor shed, that can not keep up.  Multiple volunteers taking home trashbags of soiled blankets and washable pee pads.  We need an actual small building designated for laundry and cleaning and industrial washer and dryers.  Since we have so many medical cases, many of which are incontinent or have significant special needs, laundry is a constant task. 


Turf- We have several areas of the rescue we want to turf over with quality fake grass.   We have too much animal and human traffic in some places that makes it impossible to keep from turning into mud.  When there is mud everywhere it becomes a safety issue for our animals and human friends with mobility issues.


Security/gate- We desperately need a way to see who is at our gate and open it from wherever we are without having to give out the gate code.


Rock bed trim- The edging around the "flowerbeds" all around the house are metal railings that are coming apart, falling over, and not safe.  We need to install new edging to keep the rocks inside the are, but still be safe for kids and animals walking around.


Pond- the pond has to be drained, liner removed, drain put in, resurfaced in cement with the drain, and getting the pump/water movement feature put back together.  The dogs and pigs are getting sick from the sitting water. 


Pool/pool yard-  we have an old cement diving pool that was on the property originally.  Since the freeze of 2020 the pump system has been leaking and not working.  We couldn't; afford a new pump/filter system or get any companies out because of high demand.  The pool went black so we had to drain it for safety reasons, but it's a deep 9ft cement pool, so it being empty is also a safety issue.   The pool yard is a MESS.  We have makeshift entertaining areas, landscaping that is coming up everywhere, a sprinkler system that isn't working, gates that don't stay shut so animals break in...... and we are asked to host events and parties and celebrations for survivors, special needs friends, and groups all the time.  It's hard to pull off in the current space we have now.


Tree service- We have several areas all over the rescue that need tree work.   LOTS. 

Goat Townsquare

Our Nuerotypical Goat Yard is in desperate need of enrichment!


Help us build a themed Goat townsquare for the herd!

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