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Wilbur the Pig

Ducky is our chicken that thinks she's a duck!!   She was hatched by our duck Debbie along with five other ducklings.  Apparently a chicken snuck into Debbie's nest and laid an egg!   Ducky looked absolutely precious wobbling around after her duck momma!   We noticed that Debbie carried Ducky around on her back more than the others because she got tired faster (since ducks grow MUCH faster than chickens).   At night we would come out to find her duckling siblings surrounding her to keep her nice and warm!

After a few weeks the ducklings were ready to start swimming.  Even though it killed us, we had to separate Ducky from the rest of them for fear she would drown trying to swim like her brothers and sisters!  

Luckily, our Silkie chicken Pocahontas was happy to step in as Ducky's second momma!  The two of them were inseparable for the fist few weeks.   The funniest part was watching Pocahontas as Ducky climbed onto her back constantly!   Typically, chicks hide under the wings of their chicken mommas, but Ducky was used to her Duck mom carrying her around on her back.  To us it looked like Pocahontas was constantly saying "I don't know what you are doing up there, little one, but I love you anyway!" <3

Not long after that a little surprise chick that we named Nugget came along and we put her together with Ducky.   The two of them are Best Friends and stay within a foot or so of each other at all times!  (Edit--Oops, it turns out Nugget is actually a him so their relationship is a little different than we thought!)

Ducky is still a bit confused regarding what species she is.   Instead of going into the chicken coop at night with the other chickens, Ducky perches on a tree in the garden just above where her duck siblings hang out at night!   We are pretty sure she is looking down at her duck family saying "hey! get up here, it's dangerous on the ground," while they are looking up at her saying "Dude, ducks don't perch on branches.  Get down here on the ground where you belong!!"  ;)

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