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Jojo is our youngest potbelly!  She came to us after a family purchased her from a feed store.  The family was very excited to add a piglet to their family, but like in most all cases they were told she was a “mini pig” and sent home with almost no information.   They contacted us concerned because she wasn’t eating and seemed lethargic. They didn’t know how much socialization and emotional connection piglets needed and as a result she was shutting down.  They were a loving family, but had to be gone during the day for work and piglets do not do well being alone for long periods of time. She was definitely taken from her mother way too soon and needed some full time companionship.

Special thank you to our heroes
christina_sponsor jojo.jpeg


We LOVE Safe In Austin! As an educator, I love what you not only do for the animals, but what you do for the children they inspire as well. We got Loki from you guys this past summer and look how BIG he's grown.

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