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Maisy is a lab mix that was dumped in our neighborhood, and she is the absolute best dog ever.
It's completely ridiculous that she lives here at the ranch because she would have made
someone the most amazing best friend. When she was first dumped, we tried to adopt her out
to two different families. Both families gave her back for reasons that had nothing to do with


We are guessing she was about a year old when we found her, and because she's a lab
she was still very much a puppy. This made her hard to adopt out because although she looked
like a full-grown dog, she still had all the wild puppy behavior. We ended up letting her stay here
with us, and she has been a great help with younger puppies that we brought in and adopted
out. She has lots of energy and runs and plays with them all day, keeping their rescued
mommas nice and rested.


Although people occasionally ask if she is available for adoption, at this point she is used to having lots of acreage to run on and is bonded too tightly with our pack. Maisy has such an open love for all children, she has no spacial awareness and often ends up in someone's lap. Her unfailing love (despite being dumped at a young age and returned to us twice from perspective homes) shows kids from similar backgrounds that there is hope and love to be found.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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