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We got Peter before we moved here to the ranch when he was so small he could literally fit in your hand.   There was a sketchy “pet store” near our house at the time that I would visit randomly to check up on the animals they had.   One particular day, I heard a young employee, looking into a cage with a tiny, tiny piglet, say “This one is dying.  Throw it away.”   I snatched the piglet up and went straight to the vet, only to find out he was just way too young to be away from his mother and basically had dry skin.   Oh, and the store was trying to sell Peter as a “tea-cup mini pig that would only get to about 25 pounds”!!!  As you can see, they were off by a factor of 10 or so!

Peter is the sweetest boy!  He lives inside and outside and basically has his run of the place!  He will never turn down a treat or a belly rub! 

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