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Wilbur the Pig

Snow White

Snow White is a pure white, Silkie hen.  We have so many amazing stories about this precious girl!   She is our number one momma chicken!   Snow White has hatched and mothered many chicks throughout the last few years.   Our favorite story has to be when we gave Snow White four little chicks that had been hatched in an incubator!  She took them in instantly like she hatched them herself.  The chicks grew really fast because they were large Leghorns, but Snow White continued to stuff each of them under her small little Silky wings every night.  Some nights when we went to close the chicken house for the night, we would see tiny Snow White with her four giant babies under her wings and her feet not even touching the ground anymore!  

She is the best momma to any orphaned babies that come in, no matter what kind of bird they are!  She’s also very smart.  Our daughter Jovie worked with her for here science experiment last year and taught her to recognize the color purple!  She learned that pecking a purple square (while ignoring squares of other colors) got her a treat of yummy mealworms.  She did such a good job and was so easily trained that the experiment had a very boring data chart.   After the first day, she literally never missed!  These birds are so much smarter, kinder, and selfless than they are given credit for.  We love our sweet Snow White and are so thankful to have her here with our rescue family!

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