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We were contacted by a woman that knew of a pregnant lab and a pitbull/bulldogmix that had been abandoned on a ranch after the owners moved away several weeks or even months earlier. When we got them, Chloe (the pregnant lab) was in great shape (although just about to give birth), but Sunshine was showing injuries from multiple fights with other animals, including torn ligaments in both back legs as well as dozens of bites and scars. From the injuries, the vet could tell that
Sunshine had been hunting for and protecting her pregnant friend for quite some time.

Sunshine’s story shows the children with similar stories that there is hope. She offers a quiet and loving ear to those that need to share their story with her as well.

Chloe ended up having nine beautiful puppies, and we found homes for her and all of her puppies. As you can imagine, you will never find a more loyal friend than Sunshine. Because of her injuries, she will live out her life here at the ranch with us spending every day snuggling with Duchess, her best friend.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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Why was I drawn to Sunshine? 


Well, her story just touched my heart.  She embodies how we should live.  If Sunshine had a mission statement, I think it would be "To protect the vulnerable fiercely and love hard."

We should all be so courageous. 

The Bare Family

It’s pretty great when a gift you give makes you as happy as the person you give it to!


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