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Available to Adopt

Let me start off by saying.... WE ARE NOT A FOSTER/ADOPT rescue or shelter!! (Read that one more time for clarity!!)

We are a sanctuary for special needs animals that offer healing to special needs children!! Our focus has always been the healing relationship between animals and children who share the same stories. Lots of people get very confused when I have adoptable animals here.

Sometimes, and mostly because a lot of people know my number and I’m a total sucker.... we end up with rescued puppies and kittens.

Below is a letter from Jamie about our adoptions.

Dear potential adopter,


Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our current orphaned rescue puppies. They will be around 8-12 weeks old at time of adoption, have had their first set of shots, and have been vet checked. We will ask you to sign a contract that references their ongoing veterinary care and we will do follow ups with you to confirm the next steps of their care that is your responsibility.  Below is our application with more information for you as well. The application is pretty basic.  Filled with question about your environment and plans for the puppy.  It’s to show commitment of sort.  These babies started off somewhere sad and scary, so we need to know that your commitment to their future is real!  A ten minute questionnaire is where we start! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. 

Important to remember-  Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch is not an adoption based rescue. Our focus has never been about adoption, but about offering a healing space to animals and humans that need it. We take in the animals that everyone else considers broken, and through them, offer hope and healing to humans that feel the same way. We only take in orphaned or abandoned puppies and kittens when we are able because we believe rehabilitating and caring for these babies has a real therapeutic benefit for our current rescued residents and the children that come to heal along side of them. Typically the liters we take in are in need of extra medical care due to the fact that they were orphaned.  Everything from bottles, syringes, formula, oxygen, incubator time, testing, boosters, and lots of everyday materials like peepads, blankets, loveys, bowls, and cleaning supplies are needed.  Taking in puppy litters are not a financial benefit to the rescue, but finding perfect forever families for babies that lost everything before they came to us feels so much more important.  When you adopt a puppy from us you can smile knowing that not only did you save a life, but your new little family member brought healing and hope and joy to many animals and visitors while they were with us.  They were loved beyond measure and socialized with all matter of animals and humans!  

The nature of where we bring in puppies from means we can not guarantee anything about their future including their size, temperament, coat, breed, or mannerisms.  However, we know from experience there is no better breed anywhere in the world then a rescue!!!

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our mission of “Rescue animals, rescuing children”! If your application is chosen by our adoption board members your donation goes straight to helping us continue to save the animals that need us, so they can help heal the people that need them even more! 

~Jamie ❤️

We have a recommended $200 adoption donation for puppies.  The donation goes straight to the care and time we put into the orphaned puppies, and the cost of running a sanctuary for special needs animals that help heal special needs children.

All puppies are considered mixed breeds. We can not guarantee breed or size. 

They will come with the 1st set of shots and will be dewormed minimum of 1x




Please email the complete PDF to with the puppy number you are interested in. 

(Applying does not guarantee placement.)

Once your application is summited, our board will review and if you qualify we will be in touch to set up a time to visit or possibly pick up your puppy. 

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