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Public Days

Bring the whole family out to Safe in Austin on our public days! Get a chance to tour the property, meet the rescue dogs, hug on some turkeys, play with the chickens, snuggle with the kittens and puppies, run around with the goats, love on the blind goats, and discover friendship and love beyond what you have imagined!! You can hike up to the top for a breathtaking hill country view, take lots of pictures, and support our mission of "Saving lives and healing hearts"! Come be a part of the fun! We can't wait to meet you!

The suggested donation for the event (in event information) per family can be made to our Paypal or Venmo ( account for our public day events or we accept cash or check on event day. If you are unable to make the donation at this time, please contact us at We will never turn away the chance to share love and kindness because money is tight. We completely understand! ♥

Public days are usually scheduled only a couple of weeks to a few days ahead of time due to weather and needing to have a lot of volunteers available to help. Check our events page for any upcoming dates posted! 

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