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Bun Jovi


This sweet baby was a therapy bunny for a retirement home. He was loved and cuddled by the residents and offered that same soft unconditional love right back to them. Then a new administrator came in and said, “Get the bunny out”! 😞So he came to be with us and had a broken leg. 💔

When we took him to the vet, Dr. Isom walked in, knowing who he was talking to, and said he doesn’t have good news. Anyone else would have the bunny put down. The leg can not be saved.

Now, while I believe all living beings deserve a chance... I would never keep an animal alive that was suffering or would have a horrible quality of life. My only issue was this bunny hadn’t given up. I put him on the ground and they watched as he hopped around checking out the room and right up to them for pets.
Dr. Isom is a nice guy and a great vet, but he 100% thinks I’m a little bit crazy! (Most people do!) However, when he saw Bun hopping around being all curious and snuggly, he said “I don’t want to put him down. Let’s try to amputate it, and see how he does!”

It’s just amazing! Bun Jovi is a freakin CHAMP and now an advocate everywhere for bunnies that may have a leg issue of their own and are assumed to need to be euthanized. Not only did he survive, but he is thriving! He’s hopping around, eating like a champ, and not at all acting like he just had his leg removed.

This guy is living proof that bunny’s are worthy of a chance too! He’s going to be able to join his rescue friends Sparky, Lightening, & Thunder (plus Rex, Tuck, & Little Bit the tortoises) before we know it, and inspire every extra needs friend that comes to visit him!!  ❤️


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