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By Example

"My new foster son is only three. He's angry. He's violent. He's hurting. Can we come? Is he too young? Will it help anything? We don't have any money. We don't know what to do."


YES! Come. Please come. We'll introduce him to the animals. We'll see who he is interested in. We'll talk about being scared. He understands scared. He is old enough to know that these animals were once hurt and scared and sad. We'll tell him about how they were brave, really brave, and so they found love. He is old enough to relate soft, gentle, touches with kindness and friendship.

The animals will show him.The incentive to be kind will be there because he'll know the animals here understand how he feels. I can't explain how, but I promise he will know.

No matter how long it takes for the layers to break down, the animals will still be there. Waiting patiently without pressure or judgment. Something he won't be used to. No pressure and no judgement, that is their gift. And when he's ready he'll show them. He'll show them he can be gentle. That he wants friendship. They will respond with love and attention. We can use those relationships as a starting point. Kindness = Friendship. Gentle = Love.

Our animals will show him, teach him, and be an example of everything he so desperately wants, but doesn't know how to let in. They were once afraid too. They understand. Can't wait to meet you. And Love doesn't cost anything. See you soon

Our mission, although still very unclear to many, is starting to catch on before it's really even born.

I have yet to reach out to the foster/adoption/trauma community, because I felt like we're not there yet.... but some are already reaching out to us.


Something I keep forgetting- the ones that need our help, don't actually care about fences and barns and websites. They are desperately searching for hope. We already have lots of that.


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