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"At risk" kids.

Kids that maybe haven't been making the best decisions lately. Kids that get judged immediately based on their past, or the environment they were brought up in. Kids who had to get hard and be tough, in order to stay alive. They didn't get to choose who their parents were, how much money they have, or what side of the tracks they were born on. These kids feel like the world is against them but Safe in Austin wants to remind them they matter.... and we think our bully breed rescue dogs are perfect for the job.

Who better to show that stereotypes, environment, an abusive past, or a tough exterior do not actually define you.


Who better to show an example of forgiveness, learning to trust again, and love--regardless of the horrific abuse they once lived through.

We want to work side by side with these kids from hard places. We want to offer them a chance to work with the animals, build confidence, soften their hearts, and feel important. We believe the changes within them will start with the animals, and trickle into the rest of their lives.

On top of the emotional healing will come job skills. Actual skills they can take with them into the real world. Things like working with and training the animals, helping around the ranch, and acquiring skills that could be displayed on a resume or used in a future career.
We will change lives with confidence and friendships because these animals, especially our dogs, have been to hard places... but they've survived, healed, and are NEVER going back.

This is important to us because we know "the kids that need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways."

(The friends in this picture are being silly with our girl Duchess, but this aspect of our mission is serious. If you know any person or organization that would like to be a part of our "at risk" program, please email us at
Our rescues are ready to begin rescuing.


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