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By Understanding

Their stories, from left to right:

Spotty- severally abused (possible bait dog) and then dumped and homeless for 4 years.
And then we found her...

Sunshine- treated like property people were tired of. They moved away from their acreage home and left her and their other dog there on the door step. She spent the next several months protecting her pregnant best friend from wild dogs and predators and ended up with lifelong injuries.But then we found her....

Georgia- Meth lab baby. She was nothing but property to sell for more drugs.
But then we found her...

These snuggling girls, along with all the animals here, offer an example to kids from hard places working through their past and the situations they were born into.

We keep telling the animal's stories over and over because sometimes we are also telling the child's story. That's when the healing begins.

We will never stop being the voice for the voiceless.


"I was broken, abused, and neglected; but because love found me, I survived."


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