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Her needs aren’t always obvious. 

Now, she'll come to her name when called, follows animals crackers and welcomes visitors of any species. She wobbles. She falls down. She struggles to regulate her body temperature. 


But she keeps fighting, she keeps getting up.

And we keep working to give her everything she needs to feel safe, warm and secure.


“There is something wrong with this one, I left her out for the coyotes.”


Those were the words one of our volunteers heard when we tried to return a baby goat from the side of the road to the rancher who the land belonged to. We quickly picked cookie up, wrapped her in up in blankets of warmth and unconditional love. Neither her life or ours has ever been the same.

She offers hope and healing to our mobility impaired friends who often fall down and have to work to get back up.
She offers understanding to our visitors who need a reminder that no matter how many times you stumble you can keep trying.
And she offers smiles and inspiration to all of us by finding the joy in everyday.

Just like the parents of our visitors with super powers we often find ourselves guessing, readjusting, planning and then having to replay how to care for our animals with their own super powers. It’s exhausting some days and exhilarating others the beauty comes from finding the magic in between.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 


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