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He came to us as Chance, but we already have a Chance in our family, so we switched it to Jester!

This little guy has Hydrocephalus (fluid in the brain). He’s our fourth Hydro baby and we said yes to him simply because Einstein our other Hydro baby could use a full time cuddle buddy!!

He has been to the Neurologist already, but right now he’s too young to go through major scans and being put under and we are not worried about his quality of care. Currently at 8 weeks old his symptoms are mild! He’s wobbly on his legs some and appears kinda confused every once in a while. He has the classic sour patch kid type of energy we have come to love about our Hydrocephalus babies!! Sweet for a few minutes and then sour and feisty the next!! He was thought to be blind, but can definitely see. He navigates the house and the million things happening around him just fine!

Soon we’ll figure out where he and Einstein can have their own suite set up and be the sweetest (sometimes sourest), every once in a while dogs (cause they sometimes forget) together!

Our neurological babies teach us so much about ourselves. They teach joy and true understanding of living in the moment. They show that having even just moments of clarity with the ones you love can be more powerful then the mundane of daily interaction, and they help us learn from, inspire, and admire the friends that come to visit that are lost in, in battle with, or just trying to learn about their own neurological differences.

He’s a precious and important part of our extra needs chaotic family, and we feel lucky he found his way to us! Jester makes Safe in Austin dog number 32!

Remember when we took in #20 and I thought that was crazy?!! Because of your support every SIA animal has their own space, their own inner family units, and a chance every single day to inspire hope & love & healing in children that need them!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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