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He’s here! And he’s precious!

He’s incredibly young. I thought via the pictures I saw at first he was an older boy, but he may still be a puppy.

How such a young dog got into this bad of shape with such an extreme break in his spine is horrifying to think about.

But he is here. He is not in any pain in regards to his broken spine, and we’ll get the superficial wounds cleaned up and healed asap.

This boy has already stolen our hearts. Today he got shaved and bathed and his wounds got cleaned and bandaged. He’s snuggling with his first ever stuffie and staying close to all of us as much as possible! If we are not holding him (the quickest way to earn someone’s trust is to share your heartbeat) then he’s in the welcome wagon near by!

He’s already been introduced to many of the dogs and is clearly not afraid, but super excited to meet them! He’s going to be such a great addition to our differently abled crew in the extra needs dog building!

On the border of Mexico, broken spine, “rescued” but not safe…. sound familiar.

So the thing is, I believe in signs and paying attention, and a couple of days ago some amazing people built some new “rooms” in the Special Needs Building. We were discussing what to do with the extra original ones, but hadn’t moved them out yet.

This guy looks exactly like Hashtag and Rocky and has the same story as Francis, and isn’t being saved and transported by some big fancy rescue organization, but by random awesome people that crossed the border to get him and organized a chain of drivers to get him here.

I so love watching strangers come together for good and I know exactly how to help this guy….



All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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