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Extreme Abuse Trigger Warning

The vet said-

“He won’t survive this.

He will never walk.

His tail will never wag.

He will never potty on his own.

He will never have any quality of life.”

Issac survived a literal nightmare of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. His tail was broken, his muzzle taped shut, his pelvis totally shattered, his limbs bloody and lifeless and covered in ants. Before being saved from the streets of Mexico by our friends at Addicus’s Legacy he had never known love or safety.

So many of our human survivor visitors know that feeling of hopelessness. Many of them are struggling to find a permanent home or people who understand trauma and won’t give up on them.

Issac’s physical recovery has been incredible. As you can see, he can run, play…… and just look at that tail wag!!!

Unfortunately, we just found out Issac, on top of everything else is heartworm positive. He’s also having a really hard time adjusting to free range ranch life and staying away from his new chicken family members.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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