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Bonnie came to us after I got an email from her original rescuer! She told us Bonnie had just had her leg amputated and she was unable to keep her.   She found her dumped in a barn community hanging out in a horses stall.   It's unknown to us if Bonnie's front leg was injured before she was dumped, if she injured it at the barn, but the vet said her right front leg was completely dead and needed to be amputated. 

Just two days after the surgery we made the two hour drive to go pick up our sweet girl.   She recovered from the surgery effortlessly and has been an absolute love since the day she got here!   She has no idea she is missing a leg and jumps, plays, and climbs like a champ.  She is a big fan of snuggles, and lay there while you love on her for hours!   She loves playing hide and seek in our cabinets and is best friends with our other special needs girls Bella and Ivy!

Bonnie is such an ambassador for special visitors that come to us with physical disabilities and we are so happy she is a part of our rescue family!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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