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Grace has already shown us she’s a fighter. She was crawling around on her elbows from the moment she arrived. She’s walking all around in her splints. She isn’t letting the pain stop her. It will be hard, it will take a while, but she won’t have to do any of it alone. We will love her, care for her and celebrate every step of the journey with her. Allowing her to share with the world the message that especially when things get hard before they get better, the best thing to do is grab someone you love... and together, do the next hard thing.

Baby Grace is home and while the news we received was promising from the vet, it is going to require an immense amount of dedication and hard work. The vet believes we can rehab her front legs to gain mobility for herself. The tendons in both front legs are tight, and she will need to be splinted for twelve hours everyday to help stretch them out. This is not our first rodeo when it comes to tight tendons!