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Everybody meet Einstein. It has been determined that Einstein has hydrocephalus, but he has not seen a specialist yet.

We are very knowledgeable in all things nuro around here, and he clearly has several different things going on. There are some possible skeletal, sight, and hearing issues, along with the neurological signs and look of hydrocephalus.

We were told his mother was shot in the abdomen when she was pregnant with him and his litter mates. Miraculously, everyone survived including the momma.

We’ve started him on all the things we already know, informed Dr Mathews of his status, and most importantly, have him started on love therapy.

We know more than most how healing sharing your heart, and especially your heartbeat, is!

As you know our last precious hydro baby was an EXTREME CASE and so incredibly special. She spent many months happy and loved and inspiring so much hope and healing before she peacefully went to sleep. She fooled the veterinarians that said she had no quality of life by exuding the most significant and influential qualities we know- bravery, strength, unconditional kindness, and hope.

It’s our hope that we will get this precious little guy into the specialist and have all the necessary evaluations done and learn he can thrive here as a part of our rescue family. We do know, that there is a chance we only have him for a short while, so we will make sure he knows how loved and safe he is every minute of it.

Many of our super power kids have already met him and told him how strong and brave he was and how they would be here to help whenever he needed.

As you already know, no matter what happens, he will run up a significant medical bill, so any and all donations towards Einstein’s care is greatly appreciated!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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