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Meet Francis!!

We have so much to share about what this boy has survived already. From the streets of the border, high kill shelter in south Texas, hit by a car, spinal injury, physical therapy, multiple fosters, and this last stint at the vets office..... He is paralyzed in his back end and had to have a leg amputated.

You can already see the hope he shares, and the hearts he’s healed with so many of our children that also have limited mobility. Watching Francis race out to meet friends in his wheelchair, and hearing “look he has the same colored wheels as me” will bring a smile to your face every time. Not only does Francis help children with limited mobility, Francis also helps spread awareness to children who may not know how to approach someone in a wheelchair. Many children and even adults meet Francis and say “oh, I feel so sorry for him”. We immediately stop everything and ask “does he look sad to you?” The answer is always “No he is so happy”. Then we discuss how when we see a friend that may have a special need. We don’t say “oh, I feel so sorry for him” instead we say “Hi, nice to meet you my name is____” or “I like your wheels”. 

Francis every day is such an inspiration to so many children with his amazing smile and ability to touch everyone he meets. 

Special thank you to our heroes:

Beth Geoffroy


Susan & Rachel Livitz

Francis pulled at my daughter Rachel's heart strings and we knew we had to sponsor and help this way! Thanks for all you do and for raising an amazing daughter!!!!

Jorge Urquidi

Luna is happy to donate from one rescue to another.