Fairy/Sensory Trail Expansion

We would like to continue the expansion of our Fairy/Sensory Trail withe more fairy/garden/sitting/interactive/sensory activities and décor throughout the trail. 

There are endless possibilities in the way of things kids could do to stimulate senses and stay connected to nature! Teepees made of sticks for kids to go in, ropes to pull, musical objects, a little maze area, a sensory walking (or even wheelchair) path.... with lots of fairy and nature houses, statues, and scenes for kids to look at, open doors, and move things around. 

We are trying to make a magical little trail for kids to go into with some of their favorite rescue friends and forget about anything other than friendship and magic! Some ideas are show below.

Work in the trail could also include tree trimming, decorations, and lining the trail with rocks or stumps. Interested in this Partner Project? Please fill out our contact form, and we will contact you within 24 - 48 hours.