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Fighter was one of Snow White’s adopted chicks that was hatched here at the ranch in an incubator.  When he was hatched, we immediately noticed there was something very wrong. He was born with a hole in his side with a large loop of intestines hanging out.  David immediately Googled what to do, and everything on the internet said that we couldn’t save the chick and that we should euthanize it by cutting its head off with scissors.   We couldn’t bring ourselves to do that without giving the little guy a chance, so David sterilized the intestine, gently pushed it back into his tiny little chick body with a Q-tip, and taped up the opening with the smallest band-aid we could find.  We immediately named the little guy Fighter because we knew he was going to have to fight for his life. Well, he did just that, because that little broken chick that the internet said couldn’t be saved is now a big handsome rooster and the head of our flock!

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