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Mr. Goldie

Wilbur the Pig

Mr. Goldie is a tiny bantam rooster that likes people much more than he likes other chickens.   His two siblings were gobbled up by a rat snake, and little Goldie needed a home and some friends!    When we got him, we didn’t know he was a rooster--or that he was a bantam! (bantam means small or miniature!)  He is so tiny and sweet!  He loves David and runs circles around his feet in the mornings during feeding time until David reaches down to let Goldie jump on his hand and/or gives him a small pile of chicken feed all to himself.    We thought he was a hen because of his small size until one day, out of nowhere, he suddenly started crowing.   That’s when we added the “Mr” to his name.   We try not to be rude and laugh in front of him, but honestly his tiny little crow is about the cutest thing you have ever heard!  But don't try to tell m that, because Mr. Goldie is absolutely convinced that he is the biggest rooster in the yard!!

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