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Halo came to us at four weeks old, missing part of her front legs and had a non working back leg after being kept in a box for weeks.

 Proud member of the Lucky Fin Club!


“We’re all different but there’s something kind of fantastic about that isn’t there?”

A cardboard box.

Missing two legs.

Pyrenees mix.

There were other words in the first contact but I don’t think they mattered. She was going to be ours regardless of anything else.

Baby Halo has been our miracle for two and a half years now.

A survivor who time after time continues to shock the world with her resiliency and determination. We aren’t shocked, she’s been a fighter since the second the was born.

She got to us a tiny ball of white fluffy fur. Her two front legs just nubs. She smiled from the moment she was with us. Unlinked the majority of our limb difference babies Halo was born with only one working leg. Her other back leg was never weight bearing and had to be amputated before she was a year old. Her front legs, nubs stopping around where a human elbow would be, needed reconstructive surgery to remove bone fragments that made them touching anything excruciatingly painful.

But she fought.

She didn’t give up.

She smiled.

She was jumping up on the couch with one leg days after her surgery.

I knew she was going to change the world.

But first I had to ensure Halo knew, I was never giving up.

It wasn’t long after she got here that a special friend came right in the middle of a potty accident that Halo scooted around in. Her long hair made an even bigger mess that was quite a bit of work to clean up. The teenager watching asked “what happens when she gets bigger.” I stopped what I was doing, turned to her and said “probably a lot more of the same, just with more poop.” She thought for a minute and said “don’t you want to give up? I think I would.” My answer was quick and honest “yes I spent time worrying about her future. Sometimes I get frustrated. But Halo knows I would never give up on her. Family is forever, no matter what. We will always find a way.”

Always find a way.

Our precious miracle one legged puppy.

Countless Costco bathmats, providing comfort and familiarity.

Endless peepads providing protection and sanitation.

Two bionic legs.

Halo serves as a reminder that family doesn’t give up.

Family will find a way.

Family is always worth it.

And that with a circle of love you can do hard things.

Miracles are happening all around us here.

In the animals and the people.

I can promise you it’s worth it to keep showing up rescue family.

It’s a wild ride but we are on it together.

“It’s not where you come from, it’s where you belong.”

Watch Halo Run for the First Time. 


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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Special thank you to our heroes:

"This is my why, both of my loves are rescue dogs and I would adopt 100 more if I could. Thank you for what you do! "

-- Rebecca Rosenthal

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Halo is such a blessing and inspiration to so many.  She doesn't let her disability stop her.  Before receiving her prosthetics, she was already a sweet, loving, happy dog, but since getting them, she can get around and run and play with the other animals and be more of a part of her fantastic world.  She continues bringing happiness and smiles to those who care for her and meet her!  My grandkids and I are so happy to sponsor Halo, a true hero!

-- Cathy Rodriguez

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We are excited to sponsor Halo!


Our rescue dog Penny is a tripawd and has the personality of a one-dog household.  Having the chance to sponsor Halo gives us the chance to love another amputee pup, even if she can't come home with us.


-Katie Batterberry

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