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Halo came to us at four weeks old, missing part of her front legs and had a non working back leg after being kept in a box for weeks. This sweet baby has reached so many hearts and has an amazing following of children and adults pulling for her. She has experienced more hardship than most dogs ever should, but Halo still sits pretty with a big smile for all her friends. 

Halo’s greatest gift is the ability to connect with her friends with Lucky Fins. We have several children who were also born with missing parts that she is such an inspiration too. Being born with no front paws and having a back leg amputated has not stopped Halo from continuing to run around the farm with our other special needs animals, showing everyone what a winning attitude can do! If she can do it so can we, because we can do hard things! 

Halo still has a long journey in front of her. She will still need to undergo the whole prosthetic journey as soon as she has reached her full grown size. The cost of her 2 prosthetic front legs with be astronomical, but to watch Halo with the children who come to her healing, they will be worth every dollar. 


 Proud member of the Lucky Fin Club!

Special thank you to our heroes:
Special thank you to our heroes:

"This is my why, both of my loves are rescue dogs and I would adopt 100 more if I could. Thank you for what you do! "

-- Rebecca Rosenthal

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Halo is such a blessing and inspiration to so many.  She doesn't let her disability stop her.  Before receiving her prosthetics, she was already a sweet, loving, happy dog, but since getting them, she can get around and run and play with the other animals and be more of a part of her fantastic world.  She continues bringing happiness and smiles to those who care for her and meet her!  My grandkids and I are so happy to sponsor Halo, a true hero!

-- Cathy Rodriguez

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We are excited to sponsor Halo!


Our rescue dog Penny is a tripawd and has the personality of a one-dog household.  Having the chance to sponsor Halo gives us the chance to love another amputee pup, even if she can't come home with us.


-Katie Batterberry

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