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Hanztel & Gretel

Hantzel and Gretel came to us after Hurricane Harvey.  They were at a foster facility after being seized from a cruelty case.  Many ponies were seized from the "Pony Ride" business, and only five ponies survived.   Hantzel and Gretel were two of them.

They both suffered with pneumonia, bad hooves, and eye infections.  They are now each blind in one eye and use each other like service animals keeping their good eyes on the outside. 

Hantzel and Gretel were treated as nothing but property for two and a half decades.   Here at Safe in Austin they will be loved and adored!   They are also an amazing example of hope for children that are overcoming their own stories of abuse or special needs.  Besides changing and healing the hearts of the visitors that come to Safe in Austin, they are big ambassadors for other animals like them that are still stuck in a petting zoo or pony ride places.  Hantzel and Gretel are quick to remind everyone to look at the people running the show and make sure their hearts are there with the wellbeing of the animals and not just focused on taking your dollar bills.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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