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Ivy was found by the people that run the local non-profit "Austin Lost and Found."   She is 100% feral, meaning she was born on the streets and before her capture had never been touched by human hands before. 

When Ivy was trapped and taken to the shelter she immediately shut down.   She spent three days cowering in the corner not eating or going potty.   We offered to take her in and she has been such a blessing on all of us already.

Ivy is the absolute best example of earning trust for kids that visit us here at the rescue.  We do not ask anything of her that she is not ready for.  The kids can see that she is nervous, and we can show them that no matter how long it takes, we will be here to provide love and hope.   That we won't give up on her--and by extension that we won't give up on them!   This message is important for kids that feel like everyone has given up on them, or that they are not finding healing as quickly as they should be. 

We have visitors that like to come and sit with Ivy and just talk to her about feeling safe, about having friends and a family that care for her, and try to help her find the strength to trust and heal.  What they don't always realize is while they are helping to heal Ivy, she is healing them right back!  

Ivy is a precious member of our family here at Safe in Austin, and we absolutely couldn't imagine life without her!  She will probably always be timid and shy, but she loves treats and head rubs, and she is quick to give you a small kiss in thanks.  She has also been known to give up her own comfortable bed to our latest litter of rescued kittens, who all think Ivy is the greatest friend in the world!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 


Pack Team 4

Ivy found her way from the streets into the most amazing rescue family! Pack Team 4 is proud to be a supporter of Safe in Austin! #streetdognomore 



Greg J.

Ivy’s eyes got me. Dogs, all animals, are pure souls. They should never have to suffer.

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