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Kim and Jill, aka “the twins,” are two of Duchess’s puppies that are still with us. At the
Galveston shelter, we were told they would have been “shark bait” because they were too small
for fighting dogs. Did you know that pitbull puppies are used as shark bait by some big game
fisherman off the coast? They are so strong they keep struggling for a long time, which attracts
more sharks.

Kim and Jill were a bonded pair and never far apart. We couldn’t bear to split them up and tried
very hard to find a family that wanted two, all black, bonded pitbulls. That is how "the twins"
ended up staying with us, and their mom, Duchess, forever.


Jill is our protector. She looks out after everyone, walks the property line, and sometimes sleeps outside on the “porch couch”! She is always amazing with any rescue puppies that come in, and if anyone even thinks about hurting or bothering any animal here, look out!

Jill is amazing with the children who come to visit her. She is such a quiet soul. Children can
just look into her eyes and know without a doubt they are loved. She loves to take long walks in
the woods with her new friends and just offer them a quiet, loving visit.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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Special thank you to our heroes:

When my roomie and bestie, Beth, brought me to Safe in Austin for a visit; I had been out of the car for maybe 26 seconds before Jill sauntered over to me and calmly put her paw on my leg. I’m not going to lie; I fell in love with her immediately, and we were together much of the day. Her energy is calming, affectionate, and “motherly.” I'm excited to sponsor her and do my small part to contribute to making her as happy and cared for as she made me feel that day. I felt like she chose me. And that made me feel lucky. I love the energy at Safe in Austin....the animals are in a place where they are safe to let their personalities come out, and it’s great to watch these personalities interact. Hi Jill! Love you! Kiss, kiss.

When Jill went missing, I was an absolute mess.  I couldn't stop thinking about her and her Safe in Austin family!  The second she was back home where she belongs, I just had to become her sponsor!  So glad you are safe, sweet girl! <3


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