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Meet Josephine

The most perfect and precious face you have ever seen.

She’s also in our lives because of undeniable and absolute heartbreak. A morning of complete and unexpected tragedy.

I begged the veterinarian . I said,

“You have to fix him. I know I say it every time but…

This one.

This one is different.

This little boy is important. Important doesn’t even touch it really. He’s a ray of light in a past that almost nobody can even pretend to imagine. You have to save him. I need you to save him. I’m begging you to save him. Whatever it takes. ”

Theo was gone ten minutes later.

A result of a seizure and neurological disorder we had no power over.

There was nothing we could do.

Every individual’s journey with grief looks different. Sometimes when people lose an animal they love, they can’t even consider another for a long time.

And sometimes I have found the only real way to fill the cracks of a broken heart…

is with new love, new responsibilities, and new hope in a time that feels so hopeless.

Lisa and I were on the phone within hours. Dialing numbers through tears and choking back sobs while we talked. We reached out to every connection we had. Every location we could think of.

You don’t know it yet, sweet little girl, but you were sent to us straight from heaven.

Be patient ok.

Hearts don’t get put back together quickly.

You have very big shoes to fill.

But I wanted to be the first to share that this little rainbow baby is safe, and an official member of our family.

Welcome home, Josephine.

Josephine is now a service dog in training that helps trauma victims.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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